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Smart Food & Snacks Pvt. Ltd. (SFS) was established in 2005 AD (2062 B.S.). The company has been established under the glorious leadership of eminent industrialist in the country, Mr. Shovakar Neupane, who runs the Ambe Group. The company, in the beginning started manufacturing instant noodles in brand and technical collaboration with Wan Thai Foods Industry Co. Ltd., Thailand.

We aim to produce best quality noodles which are good in taste, nutritious and accessible to all. The company started its venture by introducing its flagship brand YumYum in the market and further plans to expand its brand portfolio in the future.

Emerson said, ‘An institution is the lengthened shadow of one man.’ If this is the case, Ambe Group is synonymous with Hari Neupane

Shovakar (Hari) Neupane (15 September 1958 – present) is the founder/ chairman/ Managing Director of Ambe Group. Neupane is highly reputed to have established himself as an industrialist in a country where Nepali people of his ethnicity rarely venture into big business. Hari Neupane is foremost amongst self-made Nepali industrialists of his generation.

Born on September 15, 1958, Hari Neupane is the oldest of 6 siblings. His father, Lilaram Neupane, left Nepal for Burma in search of better business opportunities, and established a milk processing shop in Lassio, Burma. After Burma came under military rule, the government decided to implement socialist economic policies prompting Lilaram Neupane to return to Nepal and settle his family near Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha. He opened a wholesale garment store there.

In 1982, as a 23 year old with big dreams, Hari Neupane borrowed $5000 (NRs. 5 lakh) from his father and established a trading firm in Kathmandu while completing his BBA from Tribhuvan University. He had decided not to spend his life in a wholesale garment store in Bhairahawa.

For the next 22 years of his life, he established Ambe Group as a large trading firm importing electronics, garments and computer parts from Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Dubai and Bangkok.

In 2004, he established Ambe Cement. Under his leadership, Ambe Group went on to establish Ambe Complex (a commercial building in Teku, Kathmandu), Ambe Residency, Metro Apartment (Housing Development), a noodles factory (Smart Food and Snacks Pvt. Ltd.), Shiwani Complex (a commercial building in Bhairahawa), Siddhi Mobiles Pvt. Ltd. (sole distributor of Mtech mobile phones in Nepal), Ambe Mobiles Pvt. Ltd. (sole distributor of LAVA mobile phones in Nepal) and Ambe Steels Pvt. Ltd. (Nepal’s second largest steel company).

In 2011, Neupane along with other industrialists founded Commerz and Trust Bank Nepal Pvt. Ltd., a class ‘A’ commercial bank. Neupane was the Chairman of Commerz and Trust Bank from 2012-2014, when he merged it with Global IME bank. He is a promoter of Global IME Bank.

Neupane is also the Chairman of Lilaram Kuntidevi Pratisthan, a non- profit organization that rewards eminent personalities in Nepal with $50,000 (NRs. 50 lakh) every year. The organization is named after Neupane’s father, Lilaram Neupane, an eminent philanthropist, who was also awarded the Gorkha Dakshin Babu (honorary title given by the king) in 2002.

Neupane was married in June 19, 1987 to Laxmi Kharel Neupane. They have two children.


To produce noodles of highest standard quality and to expand gradually to other snack categories and satisfy our consumer taste palate. We aim to become the best noodles manufacturing company in the country through ultimate consumer satisfaction.


To provide healthy and delicious snacks for our consumers. We are a unique snack manufacturer with products that take a holistic approach to healthy snacks through taste, texture, aroma, ingredients, and health benefits.

By working with Smart Food & Snacks you are collaborating with the company committed to the development and commercialization of high quality, great tasting, and healthy snacks.